Company History


Early in 1998, John Krimm and a friend were having a conversation. He told his friend that a person can make a good living doing almost anything, as long as they do it with honesty and integrity! His friend agreed, and stated that there was even a guy in Ohio who had a fairly successful business that offered dog poop clean up services.

John immediately thought that this was a great idea, and the more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

His love for dogs and working outside lead him to start the Poop Squad. It was formed with one central idea: PERFECT CUSTOMER SERVICE = SUCCESS!


Here we are, many years later, still going strong! 

Many issues have come up over the years, but while these issues were being solved, that one idea has always remained at the top of all solution lists PERFECT CUSTOMER SERVICE = SUCCESS! 

Yes, “nobody’s perfect”, but that doesn’t mean that perfection can’t be our goal and that is what we strive for every day!

If you’re tired of cleaning up your yard of dog poop we can help. We offer dog poop clean up services in the Louisville area. Each week we will come to your house, pick up all of the pet waste and dispose of it. Your yard will be clean and ready to enjoy again. 

– Poop Squad 

- Poop Squad

Louisville's Oldest Pet Waste Removal and Disposal Business

The Poop Squad offers dog poop removal services to Louisville and the surrounding area. Our techs will come to your house clean up all of the dog poop and get your backyard clean of the harmful and stinky pet waste. Our poop scooping yard cleaning service is perfect for people who are too busy to clean their yard on a regular basis or just want to forget about their dogs poopy escapades. If you’re in need of a pooper scooper company in Louisville, KY fill out the quote request form and we will be happy to take care of your beloved pets.