Louisville Dog Owners,

Are you too


To Clean up dog


If you love your pets but hate to pick up after them,
let the Poop Squad do it for you! We offer pet waste removal services in and around Louisville.

What We Do

Residential Services:

Is your yard a mess? We will come to your house pickup the poop and take it with us.

Commerical Services:

Need to keep your property pristine? We clean apartment complex, dog parks & businesses.

Community Event Services:

Have an event that needs to be cleaned up during or after?

About us

Pet Waste Removal from The Poop Squad

Life gets busy and the last thing you want is a backyard that becomes full of dog poop. It’s bad enough that it stinks but things can go from bad to worse if you step in it!

That’s where we come in. We will come to your property pickup and remove all of the dog poop you have and get your yard in the shape you and your beloved pet deserve.

Cleaning up your dogs poo may be a crappy job to you but we love it and are happy to help out!

Dog Poop is Toxic

That's why it's important to scoop your poop

Not all poop is created equal.

Cow poop may bring flowers but dog poop kills grass and turns lawns brown and patchy.

Dogs have a high protein diet which makes their excrement highly acidic. This has a tendency to kill the grass around it. 

Worse, if left alone it can take dog poop an entire year to fully breakdown.

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Pet Waste Removal Rates

Residential Rates: (price per service)


$2 additional per dog after first dog
Yard Size surcharge for large yards


Sanitize / Deodorize Yard Spray

Ready to enjoy a poop free yard and give your beloved dog the yard they deserve?

Serving Louisville & Beyond

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